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Have you considered the power of Social Media for businesses?

“It’s evident that Social Media is tearing down traditional business structures! A company without a presence on the three largest social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) will leave a customer wondering whether the business is too conservative or unwilling to communicate with the customer directly because there’s something to ‘hide’.

Social Media Networking is not just about getting attention to your brand or making the sale - it goes way beyond what we’ve known as ‘traditional’ marketing – Why? Put simply, with no start or end date, Social Media keeps your audience coming back for more!

Social media and web marketing has strongly changed the way companies communicate with partners and customers. The process is no longer about pushing one-way content to a target audience. Now it's about delivering high level content the targets will find by themselves.

The value of self-generated content has become far more prominent for businesses over the last two years. The internet is invaluable as a platform for direct interaction with the market. Similarly, the rise of online news and blogging platforms means that businesses have been able to create their own company 'voice' and build a presence online.

Knowing how to harness the power of Social Business and utilizing the power of the Social Media effectively is essential for success in today’s business world. Thus, simply maintaining your business’ social media accounts without strategy, industry insight and commitment, the same way a business develops a strategy for any other form of communication with its audience, can have adverse affects of a business’s reputation.  Getting the company's voice right is crucial; and allocating appropriate resources to create a community and a genuine dialogue takes effort and consistent engagement.

Consider this:  according to Google “57% of people chat more online than they do in real life”. So, if you have not already gone social, should now be the time to get off the fence? ”

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