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Astro Bank (Former Piraeus Bank - Cyprus - Ltd) decided to create an easy- to-use and trendy mobile app, available for both iOS and Android devices, that will provide cardholders with instant access to all the deals and discounts offered through the Bank’s "Enjoy More" Card Reward Scheme.

Dynamic Works team worked closely with the Astro Bank Project Team to deliver a neat, user-friendly, completely secure and contemporary Mobile App, emphasizing on speed and User Experience. The final result is an incredibly attractive, modern and engaging, lightweight and fast-loading responsive cross-platform Mobile Application both for iOS and Android, which is built on native technologies, thus avoiding using heavyweight hybrid frameworks, as improved performance and User Experience is important. The new mobile app significantly simplifies the process of instant access to all the deals and discounts offered through the Bank’s "Enjoy More" Card Reward Scheme by using geo-services to automatically track the user’s location. Once deals are loaded to the device, Enjoy More Mobile App can seamlessly work in the background, even without internet connection, sending notifications for deals located “around” the user, avoiding sending irrelevant and frequently repeated notifications.

In addition to the app, DW team designed and developed a fully responsive website for the “Enjoy More” Card Reward Scheme that allows visitors to view all offers, search by category, location and keyword(s) and finally to and share with friends.  The website provides quick access to download the application on iOS and Android devices.

With DW CMS (Web Content Management System) platform being the core system for managing the content, the website is seamlessly integrated with the Mobile App using built-in COPE (Create Once, Publish Everywhere) functionality.

Project Details:

AstroBank Ltd

Enjoy More is a Card Reward Scheme offered by Astro Bank (Former Piraeus Bank - Cyprus - Ltd), one of the most prominent digital banking service providers in Cyprus.

  • URL:
  • Launched:July 2016
  • Solution:Web Design, CMS
    Mobile Application
  • Industry:Banking, Insurance and Finance
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