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We Specialize in Solutions for the Financial Industry

Syntellicore is a sophisticated CRM and Back Office platform designed for Forex Brokerages and Financial Institutions, enhancing operational efficiency and client engagement with cutting-edge technology.

Forex CRM

Syntellicore, a product of Dynamic Works, is a sophisticated CRM and Back Office platform specifically designed for Forex Brokerages and Financial Institutions. It enhances operational efficiency and client engagement through cutting-edge technology, providing a comprehensive solution to meet the dynamic needs of the financial sector.

Trader’s Room

Dynamic Works offers a comprehensive solution by combining Syntellicore CRM with a fully equipped mobile friendly Forex Traders Room. This bundled package enhances your brokerage operations with advanced client onboarding, multi-brand management, robust compliance features, and powerful automation tools.

IB/Affiliate System

The Syntellicore Rebate System makes the management of Partners (IBs and Affiliates) simple and easy. SmartRebate ™ is a Syntellicore App which will transform both your CRM & Portal into a full-featured, powerful Rebate Management System for your Partners.

Mobile App

The Syntellicore White Label mobile app extends the Traders' Room, providing clients with a seamless and comprehensive trading experience directly from their branded application. This powerful mobile solution allows clients to onboard effortlessly, complete KYC verification, and manage their accounts with ease.

Meet Syntellicore

Syntellicore is Dynamic Works' premier CRM solution, expertly crafted to meet the specialized needs of Forex brokerages and financial organizations. Designed to streamline operations, enhance client engagement, and ensure compliance, Syntellicore stands as a testament to our commitment to technological innovation and excellence in the financial software industry.

Our Expertise

We combine our company’s expertise with the latest technologies in order to add more value to our client’s goals. From WEB/CMS to CRM and from Digital Marketing to Social Media Marketing, DW as a provider of pioneer solutions for a variety of sectors, develops and implements cutting-edge technology.

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