The Olympians Holiday Villas


Latchi is one of the oldest fishing spots in Cyprus. It is situated a few miles away from Paphos. It is close to Aphrodite's Baths, a semi-cave pond, where according to the legend, Aphrodite the goddess of love and beauty used to come with her lovers to bathe. The Akamas National Park is also within a few minutes driving distance.

The area is ideal for hiking, jogging or cycling, far away from the big hotels and mass tourism, alone with nature. Dynamic Works consulted the Olympians Latchi Villas management to move on by investing on a well-presentable website. A decent web presence is a must for a company that targets tourism from other countries. We also assisted marketing of their website on the internet. This resulted to the beautiful villa complex with a beautiful website to be fully booked through-out the year. The Olympians Latchi Villas personnel is using EasyConsole to easily manage their bookings, create reports, search and find out availability on customer's requests.

In order to keep up with the fashion we recommended our client a re-sign of the website. As the website was already based on EasyConsole CMS, the re-design could never be easier!

Project Details:

The Olympians Holiday Villas

The Olympians Latchi Villas is a newly constructed group of luxury villas adjacent to the beach at Latchi.

  • URL:
  • Launched:March 2003
  • Solution:Web Design, CMS
  • Industry:Hospitality

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