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Everyone should enjoy their education experience. Through the portal students can get practical advice that will help them prepare for and enjoy their student years to the fullest.

The portal is the first comprehensive site with information relating to higher education in Cyprus and attracts and delivers value to businesses, students and visitors. Its main aim is to show students what Cyprus education offers and help them find suitable courses and scholarships.

The challenge:

Back in 2011, Dynamic Works was assigned the task to deliver a modern and flexible tool to assist the participants involved in all sectors of higher education. Dynamic Works, worked closely together with the Client to develop the first comprehensive educational innovative powerful portal, while keeping a simple interface that provides users with easy navigation that complies with modern website standards and trends. In 2013 Dynamic Works was contacted again by the Client to redesign the portal based on the current design trends.

The solution:

Being based on Dynamic Work’s DWCMS (Web Content Management System) platform, the portal was easily redesigned and continues to be effortlessly updated and provide a ‘live’ source of information with timely and accurate content.

The website provides an Advanced Search Engine on the curricula of higher education providers in Cyprus, including undergraduate and graduate curricula of all universities and colleges with extensive information on the programs offered.

Visitors can also take advantage of other incorporated search engines for finding education opportunities, and information regarding tuition fees, admission procedures and student life in other countries that are traditional destinations for Cypriots students.

The calendar section shows the major conferences, presentations and events related to education. Students can therefore keep updated on what is happening inside and outside educational institutions in the field of science and the arts

General information provided by the portal also includes educational orientation guidance, internships, career opportunities in Cyprus and abroad, information on scholarships, aids and anything else related to financial planning and facilitating the lives of students in Cyprus. In addition offers information on research work carried out in universities and research institutes, while also focusing on European funding programs.

Project Details: Education Portal is the first comprehensive website with information relating to higher education in Cyprus and abroad. Dynamic Works was appointed with the design and implementation of this project in order to create a modern and flexible tool to assist the participants involved in all sectors of higher education.

  • URL:
  • Launched:August 2011
  • Solution:Web Design, CMS
  • Industry:Academic

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