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A Real Case Scenario – Cadbury Cyprus Official on Facebook - ‘Cadbury Contest’

So how do some Facebook Campaigns become more memorable than others? Let’s study the ongoing success of the Cadbury Cyprus Official Facebook Page!


Alkis H. Hadjikyriakos (Frou Frou Biscuits) Public Ltd, contacted Dynamic Works regarding the creation of a Facebook Page to promote Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate. A Facebook Contest Application was created with the objective of increasing their market reach, engaging all Cadbury lovers and raising brand recognition.


Launched in November 2011, users were asked to participate in a simple and fun contest - The “Ostrich Competition”. The most fascinating photos of an Ostrich holding a Cadbury chocolate could win from a number of prizes, including one which would allow the winner to engage in ‘the Experience of A Lifetime!’


Ten winners would be picked through Public Facebook Voting, where 3 would win an Apple iPad, a further 3 would win an iPhone, 3 contestants would win a Laptop, but only 1 would experience and succeed in receiving the ‘Life Dream Prize’ ... a life dream worth up to 1,000EUR!

Following the success of the gorilla drummer marketing campaign, Cadbury follows the animal route once again. This time, the ostrich steals the show, launching itself out of a plane and finally making its dream come true – The Ostrich manages to fly with a Cadbury parachute!


The objective behind the campaign is Experiential – to allow the consumer to feel the same joy they tend to experience while indulging in a Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate.   When the ostrich flies through the sky, your first thought is that it will end badly, until it pulls the ripcord of a branded Cadbury parachute literally at the last minute, stating ‘A glass and a half full of joy’ beneath. This continues Cadbury’s’Glass and a Half Full Productions’ concept from the Gorilla ad back in 2007. Cadbury’s new ad is very different to the ‘Gorilla’ ad, however, captures the sense of joy in being true to who you are.

Following the huge success of the ad itself, Cadbury Cyprus has witnessed significant success in that in a matter of literally one month, their Facebook Fan Page grew to 1,680 fans, with the number still growing. Fans were asked to upload a creative image of their own which integrated an ostrich and a Cadbury Milk Chocolate!  The competition ends on the 31st December 2011, and it is up to the public to decide who the winners will be! Keep an eye for the Winner!


This campaign illustrates how Facebook is more than ongoing interaction between a business and its users via status updates. We at Dynamic Works believe it’s also about the art and design of engagement - a vital new component to corporate brand identity. Cadbury Cyprus is an excellent example of a memorable, engaging and experiential campaign. Cadbury managed to raise brand recognition through involving people within their campaign, and more importantly, giving the opportunity to their consumers to experience their Dreams!


To visit the Page, vote or even take part in the contest, you still have time to - at

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