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Can a mobile phone application help my business?

Just think of your potential customer. What is he likely to do when he’s got some time to kill? Do some research on his phone perhaps? And what if that research leads him to your website? ...

By now you have probably seen or experienced all the fun applications on the iPhone or you’ve heard the buzz from your friends! With everyone migrating to smartphone technology, many businesses are scrambling to create unique applications that create strong brand awareness and loyalty.

So, why does a business need a mobile app?  There’s no denying that today’s world is one of instant gratification.  Just think about how many times you got a great idea for your business while surfing the web when on holiday, or having your lunch, or waiting for a flight.  Now think of your potential customer.  What is he likely to do when he’s got some time to kill?  Do some research on his phone perhaps?  And what if that research leads him to your website?  And there you have a new potential customer!

If your website is generating mobile use, then a mobile app should be your coming strategy shift.  It will sell your products, allow you to interact with your customers and to provide useful tools to help improve a customer’s experience with your product or service.

You can also integrate your blog, YouTube channel, and social media profiles within the app, making it easier than ever before for your customers to interact with you and access your content.

Exclusive discounts through the app can encourage repeat purchases and promote new products and services. These can be exclusive offers available only to your mobile app users, or can be bonuses based on regular purchases. How many loyalty cards have you been given by shops, restaurants and cafes, only to lose the cards? With a mobile app your customers’ ‘stamps’ are all collected digitally – meaning your customers can earn loyalty points simply by physically going into your shop!

Still not convinced? According to Gartner, for every 1 PC (desktop or laptop) that is sold, approximately 6 mobile phones are sold. For the first time in the history of computing, mobile device sales will overtake desktop and laptop sales in 2013. Over 44% of people in the United States currently own a smartphone, and of those, 83% use them while on the go. 378,000 iPhones are sold every day. What does this mean?

Such figures, combined with the fact that most users are never further than half a metre away from their mobile device, should have you thinking about how smartphone technology will affect your business in the coming years and that mobile is definitely here to stay!


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