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Redesigning EUC site


The challenge

It had been 3 years since the university’s website last facelift. Like any major higher education website, the old site grew to a point where the design and architecture needed to be re-envisioned in order to make it easier to use and to ensure maximum impact and relevance to its key audiences.

The university’s decision back in October 2009, to rely their online presence on Dynamic Works CMS (DWCMS) allows them today to base all their new website developments on the same technology without any daunting tasks, such as managing a new site.
While redesigning was a key priority for supporting the student experience, the university also wanted to launch 2 more dedicated sites, aiming to support and accommodate information for prospect students and for distance learning students  respectively. 
With technology moving fast, new ways to keep the site updated had to be in place.

The Solution

The new design represents a major restructuring of the previous website and was based around the way prospective students search, locate and navigate a higher education website looking for information that will drive such an important decision as their higher education. 
Being familiar with large-scale projects, Dynamic Works team worked closely with stakeholders across the university, and applied apply a goal-directed design approach towards the development of a customer-centric website that works for the various audiences.

  • Virtual tour

We all want to make our websites more engaging right? By utilizing the power and flexibility of DWCMS, EUC built a compelling, dynamic virtual tour of the university campus. This story telling approach is significantly important as it has an important impact at the time when students make their final decision to enroll in a university. Website’s visitors can take the virtual tour and experience the campus and its urban surroundings. From labs and classrooms, to the athletic center and the cultural center, to the university life, these visuals will virtually place them at the center of it all.

  • Application for Admission

Our team has developed a separate section that accommodates information and applications targeted for students looking for a university; by making this section easy to use and publish interesting and useful information, means more visitors converting into applicants and finally converting into students. Any person who intends to apply for a program at the European University Cyprus is given the chance to fill in an online application forms and send it to the Admissions office with a click of a button.

  • Distance Learning

Moreover, the university’s Distance Education Unit aims to respond to the current and growing needs of society for learning, through alternative education programs. In this context, our team worked in concert with the team at EUC to deliver an online resource guide to the distance learning program of the EUC. Τhe website was developed with the purpose to offer access to information on education opportunities provided by the EUC, to a wide number of people who until now, due to geographical, professional, family or other constraints, were not allowed to attend a face-to-face program.

The new site of the European University Cyprus (EUC) is the second one designed by Dynamic Works for the university since early 2010. Therefore, the learning curve was dramatically reduced  and the EUC enjoyed a quality result delivered in a short and cost effective time frame.

EUC’s website and dedicated sites are fit-for-purpose, totally engaging and could be considered as examples of good practice in the Higher Education sector.


Project Details:

European University Cyprus

Official website re-design, launch of the university's virtual tour and launch of the new Distance Education Unit website.

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  • Launched:March 2010
  • Solution:Web Design, CMS
  • Industry:Academic

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